Best Wedding Photographers In The World

In carrying out a wedding, you and your partner certainly want the best quality photos that are taken very beautifully. This is one of the tasks of a wedding photographer, who will take a very beautiful picture of you and your partner and immortalize it.

Here are some of the best wedding photographers in the world.

Jose Villa

The Look: After filming mostly in film for nearly 20 years, Jose Villa has been able to master the soft, organic, timeless look that classic films provide.

Approach: It’s not just about taking the best photos. But it’s also about how we make clients feel the same way. It is an experience from the initial connection to the end result, it must be consistent and flawless.

Expert Advice: Don’t just trust wedding planners to promote the photographer they think is best for your wedding. Planners will not be happy with it. We say this because we believe you need to do your research to find the right photographer for you. Ask to see a wedding gallery or two, then talk to them on the phone, and make sure your personality connects.

Corbin Gurkin

The Look: A deeply romantic image, inspired by the Old World that is timeless in sensibility and style. Natural light reminiscent of Renaissance paintings, think-rich textures, and bold botanical fashion all give Corbin Gurkin’s signature aesthetic.

Approach: we just take a loose style approach, to bring the subject into the best light or setting without putting ourselves too much into the moment. Comfort and authenticity when capturing a partner’s legacy are essential in the process. My final set of photos is a mix of spontaneous moments with lifestyle editorial compositions.

Expert Advice: tell us what photos you want a must. But then feel confident in letting your photographer do its thing. They just want your image to be anything but formulaic. We do our best when our clients believe they are in love with our portfolio for some reason. Where this is what we want to interpret their wedding in a distinctive style of our photographer. Instead of being overwhelmed with a list of shots.

KT Merry

The Look: KT Merry uses Editorial, yet honest and intimate. They combine a balanced combination of curated moments and raw moments and those composed with the real.

Approach: Channeling years of experience in fine art fashion and photography. Where they will combine guided and curated sketches with candid moments to tell the full story of the couple we photographed.

Expert Advice: choose your top priorities, as our priorities are planning, photography, fashion, and goals are very important. Then, build a team of dream experts who can carry out your vision seamlessly while remaining fully present throughout the celebration.

John Dolan

The Look: Unpretentious elegance, unexpected moments, lasting memories are their style. These trends come and go, but overly stylish images can quickly become obsolete. We capture the feelings of every wedding day in an honest and unchoreographed way. Our hope is that our photos will survive 25 years after marriage.

Approach: Some photographers are directors, some are collectors. Meanwhile, we are collectors of moments to come. Our best photos emerge from honest emotions, not because of our direction but from yours. We often take photos when our clients believe in recording the wedding from the inside, almost like guests, not apart from the party.

Expert Advice: Hire people you trust and trust in them. The combined wisdom of planners, florists, caterers, and photographers often adds up to more than 1,000 weddings. Your marriage has to be memorable and meaningful but it doesn’t have to be perfect. A married couple once told us that they stopped using the word must in their planning vocabulary. Make your marriage what you want.

Christian Oth

The Look: Christian Oth photographers combine authentic moments and perspectives against the backdrop of their experiences as celebrity portrait and editorial fashion photographers.

Approach: they will interact with the couple during the wedding planning stage. Where our production team is key in the process. Apart from scouting, we want to get input in choosing a specific location for the wedding day so that it can be more optimal.

Expert Advice: Be the bride on your wedding day, by doing all the planning ahead of time. On that day, have faith in the people around you and just let go of what you can hold on to. Today’s happy brides are so great to photograph. On the day of the wedding, it’s all about increasing energy.

Wedding Records: we’ve photographed so many great people from celebrities to top entrepreneurs, influencers, and socialites. Most of our clients choose to remain private. But we are so honored when industry insiders ask us to photograph their weddings the events have always been famous.

Aaron Delesie

The Look: Timeless and clean.

Approach: we run a small boutique studio that records 10 weddings per year. Where we are involved during the whole process. We will edit, refine and design our client’s own album. Because we do not believe in handing over the task to a third-party company or partner. Our clients are very happy that they can call and talk with us during the planning process, and on the day of the wedding. We just want your personality to shine through. We love wax photos, but we also make sure we get stunning portraits. Delesie’s wife Jennifer, has been filming with him for 15 years. So we have other shooters who have been with us for 10. Our clients and their guests feel comfortable helping us capture great portraits and moments, and we believe that filming and digital are important in giving our clients the best of both worlds.

Expert Advice: Don’t complicate the process by interviewing multiple photographers. If you like someone’s job, just hire them. At some level, your photographer will be talented, professional, attractive, and easy to work with. Otherwise, your planner won’t recommend them.

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