Beike Tripod Recommendations for Professional Photographers

For you photography lovers, a tripod is one of the most important accessories you need to buy in order to produce attractive photos. There are a huge variety of tripods with a wide variety of options on the market. All of them are targeted at their respective target users, some are still experimenting with photography, or some are considered to be the main profession.

Beike is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality tripod brands. This brand is one that many photographers around the world rely on and do not believe in because of the toughness of its proven products.

Many types of tripods have been produced by Beike with various types and functions. This time what you want to discuss is Beike’s output for professional photographers. There anything? Here’s the summary:

✅ Beike Q999

This series tripod is suitable for all camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and others. The design and quality of the building are quite good, made of aluminum alloy, which remains sturdy and strong with a black bandage and a little gold color. However, it is still light if you take it home because it only weighs 1.5 kg.

Especially when it is folded up to 43 cm so that it can fit into your backpack, when extended to the highest level, the Beike Q999 is able to provide a height of 159 cm.

If you have a high area, of course, it will be very easy because you don’t have to wait for the camera.

To support the activities of professional photographers, Beike inserts a quick release function for the tripod leg. Then universal ball head grip with safety clip and camera safety that can avoid unwanted accidents.

This ball head can be rotated in various directions and angles, and you can even put it at the bottom of the tripod neck, followed by the camera with the ground to get a stable macro photo.

✅ Beike BK-620

For this series, Beike was intent on designing it to meet the needs of professional photographers and videographers with heavy equipment. The BK-620 has a premium quality equivalent to a tripod from the top brands but at a low price.

Beike tucks in your work-supporting features, such as a quick-release plate, X / Y button and compass in the frame, horizontal graduated and buttons on the camera, and a weighted hanger. This tripod, when folded, has a length of 65 cm, which is quite natural because the maximum length that she provides reaches 183 cm.

It weighs 3 kg with a supportable load capacity of 10 kg. With a weight of this size, it is certainly very adequate for the video device or camera that you usually use.

✅ Beike BK-475

In this series, it is not as powerful as the BK-620, but it is sufficient to support the activities of professional photographers because the tripod frame is strong and can withstand loads of up to 8 kg. There are two ball heads to beat with panning capabilities that are super soft and comfortable, especially when you are taking photos in cold weather.

There is an extra hook to hold the weight to keep the tripod stable, especially when shooting in windy conditions. Interestingly designed to support professional photographers, this tripod can be designed as a monopod when one leg is removed.

The tripod has a maximum height of 158 cm, and the shortest length can be folded 46 cm. It is said that this series has a lighter weight than most monopods plus other tripod combos.

Of the three Beike series above, which one is the most suitable for your needs?

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