The Most Expensive Camera at This Time and The Reason Why This Camera is Priced So High

In addition to digital cameras that are intended for the general public, there are also digital cameras that are equipped with super-sophisticated technology. So that the price is many times higher than the price of an ordinary camera on the market. Check out this BP-Guide review of why the camera is so expensive.

# It’s no secret that world photographers use the best cameras to produce the best images

It is the desire of all photographers in the world, including in Indonesia, to always produce the best quality photos from their cameras. Currently, digital cameras are considered an expensive type of camera that is capable of producing high-resolution image quality. There are even some cameras that are exorbitant. In this article, BP-Guide will describe the most expensive and best cameras in the world.

# This is what makes the camera has a high price

First of all, we will look at the reasons why the most expensive cameras such as the Leica cost so much. The main reason is the production process which not only pays attention to technical aspects but also human aspects, including the quality control and finishing stages.

These meticulous and humane production stages result in laser technology that can help speed the lens to get into focus. As a result, the image quality is comparable to the price paid.

✅ High quality

The high quality of an expensive camera is judged by the way the lenses are made. In contrast to consumer-class lenses that are made completely automatic, the most expensive camera lenses are made based on the natural vision of humans, namely engineers, who are assisted by computerized technology.

Apart from the lens, the quality of the most expensive camera can also be seen from the components that are the best when compared to the components that make up the camera in general. The quality of these components results in a camera that is dust and water-resistant and a resolution up to 2 times the normal resolution. Making some cameras like the Leica SL mirrorless camera is expensive.

✅ Camera sensor

The sensitivity of the camera sensor to light also determines whether the camera really falls into the category of the most expensive camera. For example, the Leica M10 camera with a sensitivity that is able to capture microlens for better light absorption, making the price of this camera, which was just launched in 2017, is expensive.

Apart from the Leica M10, many of the most expensive cameras in the world use full-frame sensors such as APSC which are capable of capturing images with crystal clear quality, so it’s no wonder the price is expensive.

✅ Camera Functions and Features

Thanks to the optical design and complicated and unique manufacturing process described in the previous point, the cameras in the BP-Guide list in this article are the most expensive cameras due to their ability to handle photography problems, such as vignettes or distortion.

Not only with a luxurious appearance, but the most expensive cameras are also equipped with rangefinder technology that can help photographers find the most optimal photo perspective. The wide and bright viewfinder and the size of the accessories as well as the compact camera itself make certain cameras expensive, in addition to the high technology they carry.

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