Recommended Films About Photography for You Love Photos

The world of photography is getting more and more popular, moreover, in today’s increasingly visual era. This can be seen from the many photographic works that we usually see on Instagram. Photography itself can be done by a number of parties ranging from amateurs to professionals.

Photography can also be done with any type of camera, whether it’s a cell phone camera or an analog camera. Knowing and learning photography itself can be done through any media, including through film.

There are several films about photography that are suitable to watch, especially to get to know and learn about photography. Here the film is as follows:

✅ Born into Brothels: Calcuttas’s Red Light Kids (2004)

This film is the first film about photography that you should watch. This film is about a female photographer named Briski. This photographer is said to be going to Calcutta to photograph the lives of prostitutes there.

While in Calcutta, Briski did more than just take pictures. But, also make friends with the children of prostitutes who are there. The film, which was released in 2004, won an Oscar in the same year for the Documentary Feature category.

✅ Baraka (1992)

Baraka is one of the oldest films about photography. Released in 1992, Ron Fricke’s film was made in a non-narrative documentary format. The stories presented in this film are natural events, human life and activities, and technological phenomena spread across 24 countries.

This film nicely combines the style of slow-motion photography with the style of time-lapse photography. The combination of the two photography styles makes this film so visually pleasing. This film is very suitable to watch in order to learn about photography as well as the meaning of human life.

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✅ Salvador (1986)

Just like the previous film, this film also includes old films. Even older than the previous film. The story presented in this film revolves around a former photojournalist named Richard Boyle.

In this film, Richard Boyle is told to go to Salvador in search of freelance work after he officially quit his job as a photojournalist. There, instead of getting a freelance job, Boyle was accidentally dragged into the El Salvador civil war that was raging at that time.

✅ The Salt of the Earth (2014)

This documentary format contains the life of Sebastiao Salgado, a legendary photographer from Brazil. In this documentary, you will follow Salgado’s journey around the world to photograph interesting objects.

One of the places that Salgado visits in this film is Papua. There, the Brazilian photographer photographed a number of interesting objects. The documentary, which was released in 2014, was nominated for an Oscar for the best documentary film category in 2015.

✅ Bert Stern: Original Madman (2011)

Like the previous film, the film which was released in 2011 also tells the story of a famous photographer. The character is Bern Stern. A Brooklyn-born photographer who focuses on a fashion and lifestyle specialist.

In this film, you will listen to Bert Stern’s journey as a photographer, from the beginning of his career to the greatest achievements of his career. This film also tells the story of Stern’s reputation as the madman because of his unique, fresh, and somewhat wimpy photography ideas.

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